Signing a distribution and marketing agreement between Philex and Mazoon Pharmacy

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    Greetings from Bahwan International Group Holding.

    We wish to extend our warm welcome to Philex Pharmaceuticals for your operations in the Sultanate of Oman.

    We, the Bahwan International Group Holding is one of the oldest and successful business houses in the Sultanate. Our roots are deeply penetrated towards providing our clients a peace of mind with well versed products from around the globe. In the automotive-industrial sector, we represent brands like INFINITI, NISSAN, IVECO Trucks, CASE, Wacker Neuson, TOPCON, TCM Lift Trucks(Forklifts,Reach Trucks,Stackers,Pallet Trucks,etc), AUTORENT and others in the Sultanate with true dedication and hassle-free services to our clients.

    We look forward to join hands with your new venture in the Sultanate to give you world class customer satisfaction experience.

    For all queries, please feel free to revert for any assistance.

    Thank you.

    Topsy Mohan
    [email protected]

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